Growing up simultaneously to the technology and internet has always been a huge impact on my life. Beside my previous work as a Bank clerk and my student life in Hamburg, I spent my free time with improving smart home gadgets and home cinema experience, hiking and designing websites for some companies in northern Germany.

I want to realize easy to use smart home features without losing the opportunity to use different brands of those gadgets. My main aim is to connect the Apple iOS and MacOS features with non authorized gadgets. After much research I want to share my experiences and projects with you, so it should be easier for you to have all the stuff you need out of one hand.

On the other hand or some of you might suppose „in contrast“, I love going out to the nature for a longer time than just the usual way from my apartment to the supermarket and back. So despite my smart home projects I will also share with you stories and experiences of my hiking trips.

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