Keep focused on the step in front of you. Nothing else matters.

Quote by Bear Grylls

As Bear Grylls says, keeping focused on the next step is one of the most important things when you go hiking.

When I was 8, I joined the local scout club. It wasn’t the first time for me adventuring the local forests. My father always took me with him to collect some mushrooms or to checkout the secrets and hideouts of those forests. But it was actually the first time I started to learn what is essential in surviving and respecting the nature.

On the annually summer camps we went hiking for at least 5 days with our group leader. I recognized how beautiful and quiet the nature can be. After nearly 10 years of those scout experiences, I dropped off my hobby due to graduation and work. Last year I began together with a good friend of mine to plan our first trip together to build up this hobby as a big part of my life as it was.

That’s it for an introduction so far. Checkout the details of our Alps trip below to learn what we experienced.

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The trips

Thuringian Forest

A trip in Thuringian Forest   This trip is told fast. Torge and I went for a 3-day trip due to some calendar/free time issues. It was the first time we want to do some bivouac in the forest. We began our trip at the Wartburg. You might have heard of the Wartburg in your [...]


A trip in the Alps Me and my friend Torge started planning our trip approximately a month before. At first we weren't sure where our trip should be located exactly. All we knew was that we want to do a 6-day trip in the Alps with housing in different mountain huts. We searched for good [...]