A trip in Thuringian Forest


This trip is told fast. Torge and I went for a 3-day trip due to some calendar/free time issues.

It was the first time we want to do some bivouac in the forest.
We began our trip at the Wartburg. You might have heard of the Wartburg in your religion or philosophy classes with Martin Luther and his fight for a free Christian church. He claimed what we could call asylum nowadays at the Wartburg.
The castle is a beautiful place with a stunning wellness spa and hotel in it. There even is a museum to see how Luther lived in the “Lutherstube”.

In measure of altitude the Wartburg was the highest point of our trip. But height meters weren’t the goal of this trip.

The goal was to test our equipment and to see if we’re made for the woods.

We got to the Wartburg at night and decided to hike for 2 hours and then get a place to rest.
It’s a dumb idea to search for a good place to rest in the woods at nice. Please use my advice and search for a good place at daylight.

We used a small tarp to secure us for rainy weather and falling leaves. We used a biwacksack as well with our sleeping bag. The night sky was clear but it was getting colder and colder this night. The next morning, we woke up at 5am and were awake and ready to hike immediately. After a small breakfast, we started our route.

Honestly we were disappointed with the routes the west Thuringian Forest has to offer.

After one hour of small and nice paths we only could could walk on streets and gauge railways for the local forest employees.

We walked (not hiked) for 6 hours with some breaks mostly on those gauge railways.

It just was a whole disappointment and we expected more. After 32 kilometers (with hurting feet due to the Teer) and due to a weather warning (-8° Celsius) we decided to cancel our trip after just 1 ½ days.

As you might guess I just don’t recommend the west thuringian forest and the routes we took.

I guess the other routes wouldn’t be that different. If you are like we are lovers of “untouched” nature you won’t be happy on this tour.


Leave a comment to let me know what you think about the East Thuringian forest.

Have you been there before?

See you on our next adventure.


Warmest regards,


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